Valentines Day Dance! – Jack & Jill Competition!

Photos of Saturday’s dance are up on line, be sure to check them out at!

Wondering what to do for Valentines Day?  Not to worry, we have the perfect solution for you, join us for the annual Valentine’s Day Swing Dance on Saturday, February 14th!josh-1.jpg

So grab your special someone and come out and cut a rug, or come out and maybe meet that someone special. DJ Josh McDonald will be playing the best in swing, big band, jump blues, and early rock-n-roll for your dancing enjoyment. From slow tempos to fast, there is something for everyone.

As always, there will be a beginner lesson at 8pm that is sure to get you out on the floor by the end of the hour, and the lesson is included with admission!

Not only will we have decorations and candies for the occasion, but the evening will feature a special simple Jack & Jill dance contest! Don’t have a special someone? That’s okay, this format is designed to pair you up with someone. That’s right, we’re drawing names from the hat-o-love (whatever that is) to try to find a perfect match on the dance floor. The audience will be the judge. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 leads and top 3 follows. If you want to compete, be sure to arrive early and sign up at the door. It’s free to enter. The contest is limited to the first 15 leads and 15 follows that sign up at the door. It is scheduled to start between 10pm and 10:30.

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