SOLO II: Jazz Strikes Back

Since you can’t come to us, Orlando Swing Dance and The Cat’s Meow are sending Dominic and Aaron to YOU!
Where? Everywhere you are!
When? On April 11th at 11am.

This Beginner-Intermediate (Begintermediate) solo Charleston/Jazz workshop will take your solo movement to intergalactic levels with fun musicality, new rhythms, crazy shapes and variations! As always, expect a few surprises and lot’s of laughter.

Only $35 for the full pass

Check out the event on Facebook!

How can you attend?
First – register for the event. You have until Sunday, April 5th to get the early bird price of $30. After that it will be $35 for the full pass. This workshop will be hosted on ZOOM, with a link emailed 5 minutes before the class begins to all registered attendees.
You can sign up for ZOOM (for free) here.


1. Tapping Into Our Potential:
Solo jazz history is tap history. Tap as a dance form predates Charleston by almost two decades. By the time jazz dancing came along, it used a lot of tap influence in a majority of its shapes and rhythms. Here, we’ll take a handful of movements that you know and love, and unveil their origins, not only shining a light on challenging rhythms, but the why of these fantastic pieces of movement. No tap shoes required!

2. Squats to Jump – This Isn’t CrossFit, it’s Charleston!
Our second class is designed to get you and your Solo Charleston to the next level. We’ll briefly touch on our basic and how to make sure it’s looking tasty, before we move onto those two brilliant moves, Squat Charleston and Jump Charleston. We’ll use Leon James and Al Minns as our main sources for inspiration for Squat Charleston, and inspect why their versions have stood the test of time, and how you can find yourself in the movement, while for Jump Charleston, we’ll explore direction, leg isolations, and syncopated sweeps to keep us on our toes (literally) and leave our audience wanting more!

3. Sliding and Gliding
Lunch is done – welcome to the wonderful world of slides! We’ll be going through a variety of slick tricks to really spice up your moves. Slick shoes or socks on smooth floor will be your best friend for this class.

4. How The Elders Tranky Did It – Choreography:
Have you always wanted to come up with your own choreo but didn’t know how? Here, we’ll break down the structure of Frankie Manning’s Tranky Do, (no previous knowledge of it required), and discuss why it works. Then, using this knowledge, we’ll create our own pieces of choreography which will be as easy as 123, or should we say, as easy as 5678.