December Swing Workshop: Communication and Connection II – Erica French and Aaron Seals

Erica and Aaron

It’s time for our next one day workshop – a day full of classes!

You loved Erica and Aaron back in May, so we bringing her back from Minnesota for another killer diller workshop to help YOU become a more excellent dancer!

Dance is a language. To master the art you must master not only talking, but effective listening. Communication is more than just your vocabulary. For this one day Intermediate and Advance workshop we’ll dive into what it takes to be a good partner dancer in your Swing and Lindy, while learning some fun, dynamic moves.

Teaching with local instructor Aaron will be the illustrious Erica French! Erica has been dancing, performing and choreographing for 4 years. She is currently one of the lead organizers for Army of Follows, a unity project to bring Follows together from around the nation to unite and encourage them. She’s also really, really, really good at dancing and wins competitions.

– You’ll work on a variety of fun and creative moves and shapes in swing to add to your vocabulary, including swingout material
– You’ll experience aspects of Lindy Hop that making dancing on the advance level so rich and rewarding
– You’ll develop better body awareness and control through a wide range of techniques with yourself and with a partner
– You’ll become more effective in your role as a lead or follow through drills and skill development
– You just might have fun

– You’ll experience aspects of Lindy Hop that making dancing on the advance level so rich and rewarding- You’ll develop better body awareness and control through a wide range of techniques with yourself and with a partner – Become more effective in your role as a lead or follow through drills and developing your skills- You just might have fun

Early Bird admission is $40 via PayPal for all 4 hours of classes, $50 at the door. Get your spot while you can. You can sign up and pay here.

Erica French is a dynamic dancer who shares her love of adventure and spontaneity on and off the dance floor. In 2015, Erica started Lindy Hopping in Minneapolis, MN, where she joined Rhythm & Swing, a competition and performance team. After taking 1st place in the team competition at the 2017 Canadian Swing Championships, she left R&S to further pursue her interest in choreography, performance, and social dancing. Now the co-leader of the Army of Follows project, she spends her time pushing her dancing to the next level and encouraging others to do the same.

Aaron “A-A-RON” Seals started lindy hopping the summer of 2011 and fell face first into a beautiful, joyful, musical, arm flapping adventure that’s taken him across the globe. He has won various swing competitions across the U.S. and in Europe and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. He values creative expression and individuality that comes from the early jazz dances, as well as the important, shared partner experience that makes every dance rich and unique. Aaron Loves to help people and believes everyone should be allowed to dance. He seeks to create fun, learning environments where students can learn successful dance technique and be given the tools to be their true self on the dance floor.

BONUS Follow Power Hour from 9-9:45am
10-12pm Class
12-1pm Lunch with your classmates. There are a variety of food options near the venue.
1-3pm Class

Last time Erica led her Army of Follows into some new choreography and a performance that received thunderous applause. Follows, wondering what she’ll do this time? Don’t sleep in. Show up at at 9am for your special Saturday session.

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Learn to Dance: Wonderful World of SWINGOUTS!

Orlando Swing Dance presents:

Swingouts! The bread and butter of Lindy Hop!
You’ve seen dancers flying around, a huge grin on their face, and now it’s your turn to learn this classic and extremely popular swing movement. It’s more than a move… it’s a gateway to a whole new level of swing dancing! This beginner-friendly, all level workshop will bring you from the basics into your stretchy connection and through fun musical variations and beyond! No partner required, no prior knowledge of swingouts necessary, no swing dancing experience – no problem! Whether you want to learn about this dance or you’ve been dancing for years, everyone grows and everyone leaves with something.

Save time and money by pre-registering online at a discounted $40 OR pay $50 at the door. Registration is OPEN.

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Swingout Building Blocks
12-1pm Growing Good Swingouts
1-2pm LUNCH
2-3pm Stretchy Connection
3-4pm Swingouts and the Musical Menagerie

Learn Dance Studio
945 N Semoran Blvd,
Orlando, FL 32807

Lessa trained in Baltimore on the floors of Mobtown Ballroom. An excellent follow, lead, and instructor, she is delighted to share her love of technique, connection, and silly antics with you Saturday.

With nearly a decade of dance under his feet, local instructor, competitor, performer and Orlando Swing Dance President, Aaron is excited share his love of swingouts with the growing Orlando dance community. On his off time he likes to flap his arms and dance like a bird.

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Swing Workshop: SOLO (Jazz) – An Exploration

Orlando Swing Dance, in partnership with The Cat’s Meow and K-Town Boogie, is proud to announce a new workshop! Why Solo dancing? Because it helps with partner dancing! This workshop will help you understand your body and give you new movements and ideas to spice up your partner dancing.
This workshop will be taught by Orlando Swing Dance’s own Aaron and The Cat’s Meow’s Dominic.

When? Saturday, July 27

19 Broadway Ave, Kissimmee, Florida 34741

$35 in advance!
$40 at the door!
Sister Scene Discount – Come in a carpool of three or more, you all save five dollars ($5) off of each individual ticket!

Solo jazz can be a tough nut to crack from the outside looking in. You’re by yourself, with no partner to rely on for inspiration or ideas, and everyone is watching you. What even is there to do without a ‘basic step’?

That’s why in this four hour workshop, we’re going to get inside our own bodies, find out what makes us move to the music, sit inside some rhythms and see what makes them tick, and explore our fears and see how dancing by yourself isn’t so scary after all, but liberating, and the key to making every single social dance you go to into a party!

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Topics we’ll be covering:

Tain’t What You Do It’s The Way That You Do It –
Rhythms. They are what make this dance. That swing, that swag, can all be found in the rhythms of our songs and the culture. We’ll take a few pieces of vernacular solo movement, getting inside the shape and the rhythm of it, and we’ll give you a couple of fun games to start your journey towards creating fresh shapes and movements out of tried and true rhythms!

Eccentric Dancing –
Eccentric dance is a style of dance performance in which the moves are unconventional and individualistic. Such amazing jazz dancers as Earl ‘Snakehips’ Tucker developed an entire style of dance around strange movements that became his defining characteristic. Here, we’ll explore the animal kingdom, seeking inspiration so we can move our bodies in challenging, hilarious ways!

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Different –
We don’t have to only look at the music or the Elders for inspiration – we have our community! Here, in this collaborative effort, we’ll get paired up and jam with fellow dancers in class, finding out ways to take ideas and expand on them in an improvisational setting, making solo dance more social than you could have ever imagined.

Jam Circle Madness –
Jam circles. In jazz culture, it is our life blood. It’s collaboration, one-upmanship, supportive – it’s a battle, it’s a celebration. Here, we will be giving you the mental tools to prepare for the spotlight, to own your space, and to understand that no matter what, you have something to say, and that everyone wants to see you say it.

Open to all levels! Whether you’ve never danced solo jazz before in your life or you’re an expert boogie-monster, you’ll learn something new from this workshop. See you then!

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Summer Swing Series

You asked for it so here it is! Introducing our Summer Swing Series for the month of July featuring Level 1 and Level 2 classes for both Lindy Hop SWING and BALBOA. That’s right – FOUR class series! Come grow your skills and make some new friends!

Don’t know what else to do on the dance floor? What’s Balboa? What’s Lindy Hop? What’s the difference between 6 and 8 count? What’s a swingout?
Show up and find out!

Saturday Dates
July 6
July 13
July 20

$30 per series – Take as many tracks and become as awesome you want!

1-2pm Level 2 Balboa
2-3pm Level 1 Balboa
3-4pm Level 1 Lindy Hop Swing
4-5pm Level 2 Lindy Hop Swing

No partner required, show up and be ready to move!
30 spots max per class.