Learn to Dance

Orlando Swing Dance, LLC provides high quality classes, workshops, special events, and private lessons to the Central Florida community. We believe everyone should have the chance to dance.

Beginner Lessons

Before every Orlando Swing Dance monthly event you will find a beginner lesson taught by high-quality, instructors from all over.
Never danced before?
Bringing your friends?
Need a refresher?
Want to get better at your basics so you can dance better?

Make sure to check out the 7pm Beginner Lesson for everything you need to dance a night of swing!


Throughout the year Orlando Swing Dance hosts one day and weekend long workshops throughout the year. What are workshops? They’re a series of classes that fit into a single day or series of days. They focus on a variety of topics to help you, the dancer, grow and are a quick way to learn a lot! Stay tuned for your next Orlando Swing Dance workshop opportunity!

Private Lessons

Ever been in a class and wish you could have some one-on-one time with the teacher to work through something or talk about the one thing you really cared about? Or wonder how some people get so good, so fast? Everyone is different – every learns differently, everyone dances differently. Private lessons are personalized dance sessions with just you and an instructor focused on helping YOU reach your dance goals! Any skill can be learned.

Want to get better faster?
Do you want to have more fun and meet new friends?
Ready to get unstuck on a certain dance move?
Getting ready for a wedding? (We offer more than just swing dance lessons)

Private lessons are taught by competition winning, Orlando Swing Dance President, Aaron Seals.
Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Solo jazz/Charleston – what do you want to learn?

Private lessons are the secret fast track to your better dance days. Are you ready to invest in yourself?
Contact us for more information!

Weddings and Special Events

Orlando Swing Dance helps with more than just the swing family of dancing. We can help you prepare for your first wedding dance, customized for the special couple. Have a special event and you need some swing instructors or Party Starters trained to get your guests on the dancefloor and into the best party of their life?
Contact us for more information!