Your Online Lessons for Now

Private lessons with Aaron Seals

Your dance journey doesn’t need to stop or even slow down. During this season international swing dance competitor Aaron Seals will be providing personal lessons right to your screen.
What can you do in these sessions? Whatever you want!

Some ideas:

  • Break down a video of your dancing – Let’s encourage your strengths, help you overcome your challenges, give you next-level opportunities, and equip you with the tools to achieve what you want out of dance.
  • Break down moves and solo Jazz/Charleston steps to get them working for your body.-
  • Have questions? Let’s talk musicality, music theory, DJing, Balboa, Lindy, Solo dancing, competing, shapes, choreography, aesthetics, and intentionally dancing by design.

20 min live video sessions with Aaron – only $25. You’ve been given extra time – what will you do with it?

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