OSD One Day Workshop: Charleston!

charleston workshop

Charleston, Charleston, made in Carolina….and taught to YOU in Orlando. In this all-levels workshop, you’ll dive into the art of that 1920’s dance: The Charleston!
This is the workshop everyone has been waiting on, and we’re going to make sure you get what you asked for. By the end of this one day series, you’ll know enough solo Charleston to dance an entire song, if not an entire night. No partner will be required.
Are you unsure if solo dancing is for you? Good news! What you learn in this workshop you can use in your partner dancing. You won’t be alone – you’ll be in a studio with encouraging like-minded peers, eager to grow and dance.

Our priority is you and your safety. Spots will be limited in the studio space and dancers will be spaced out 6 feet apart. These restrictions mean we have limited room to accept a limited number of students for this workshop. There will be places to wash hands and use sanitizer. Students are encouraged to bring whatever protective wear they feel safest in.

Registration is open now! Register online for only $40 for all 4 hours of classes or $50 at the door. For your safety, class spots will be limited and social distancing will be encouraged throughout the class experience.

Sign up: https://osdjunecharleston.dancecamps.org/

Aaron “A-A-RON” Seals started lindy hopping the summer of 2011 and fell face first into a beautiful, joyful, musical, arm flapping adventure that’s taken him across the globe. He has won various swing competitions across the U.S. and in Europe and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. He values creative expression and individuality that comes from the early jazz dances, as well as the important, shared partner experience that makes every dance rich and unique. Aaron loves to help people and believes everyone should be allowed to dance. He seeks to create fun, learning environments where students can learn successful dance technique and be given the tools to be their true self on the dance floor.

11-1pm Charleston part 1
1-2pm Lunch! There are a variety of food options near the venue.
2-4pm Charleston part 2

Part 1
To start your journey, you’ll get introduced to some classic Charleston shapes and will learn the fundamentals needed for you to solidly dance solo Charleston.

Part 2 & 3
Now that you have your classic steps down, it’s time to dive into the language and moves of Charleston! You’re going to get a whole bunch of dance vocabulary for you to use solo. By the end of this section you’ll have enough to dance a whole song and an entire routine.

Part 4
There are ways to dance with someone without a physical connection. In this section we’ll teach you how. Once you’re connected to the music, we’ll go through some fun exercises so you can dance with your fellow soloists. For some, you’ll find a deeper connection with these drills than partnered on the social dance floor.

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