Swing Workshop: SOLO (Jazz) – An Exploration

Orlando Swing Dance, in partnership with The Cat’s Meow and K-Town Boogie, is proud to announce a new workshop! Why Solo dancing? Because it helps with partner dancing! This workshop will help you understand your body and give you new movements and ideas to spice up your partner dancing.
This workshop will be taught by Orlando Swing Dance’s own Aaron and The Cat’s Meow’s Dominic.

When? Saturday, July 27

19 Broadway Ave, Kissimmee, Florida 34741

$35 in advance!
$40 at the door!
Sister Scene Discount – Come in a carpool of three or more, you all save five dollars ($5) off of each individual ticket!

Solo jazz can be a tough nut to crack from the outside looking in. You’re by yourself, with no partner to rely on for inspiration or ideas, and everyone is watching you. What even is there to do without a ‘basic step’?

That’s why in this four hour workshop, we’re going to get inside our own bodies, find out what makes us move to the music, sit inside some rhythms and see what makes them tick, and explore our fears and see how dancing by yourself isn’t so scary after all, but liberating, and the key to making every single social dance you go to into a party!

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Topics we’ll be covering:

Tain’t What You Do It’s The Way That You Do It –
Rhythms. They are what make this dance. That swing, that swag, can all be found in the rhythms of our songs and the culture. We’ll take a few pieces of vernacular solo movement, getting inside the shape and the rhythm of it, and we’ll give you a couple of fun games to start your journey towards creating fresh shapes and movements out of tried and true rhythms!

Eccentric Dancing –
Eccentric dance is a style of dance performance in which the moves are unconventional and individualistic. Such amazing jazz dancers as Earl ‘Snakehips’ Tucker developed an entire style of dance around strange movements that became his defining characteristic. Here, we’ll explore the animal kingdom, seeking inspiration so we can move our bodies in challenging, hilarious ways!

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Different –
We don’t have to only look at the music or the Elders for inspiration – we have our community! Here, in this collaborative effort, we’ll get paired up and jam with fellow dancers in class, finding out ways to take ideas and expand on them in an improvisational setting, making solo dance more social than you could have ever imagined.

Jam Circle Madness –
Jam circles. In jazz culture, it is our life blood. It’s collaboration, one-upmanship, supportive – it’s a battle, it’s a celebration. Here, we will be giving you the mental tools to prepare for the spotlight, to own your space, and to understand that no matter what, you have something to say, and that everyone wants to see you say it.

Open to all levels! Whether you’ve never danced solo jazz before in your life or you’re an expert boogie-monster, you’ll learn something new from this workshop. See you then!

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The Orlando Big Band at the Crystal Ballroom

Join us for the biggest swing dance in Central Florida! The Orlando Big Band is and ready to perform for your musical enjoyment. We look forward to having you join us Saturday, March 2nd at The Crystal Ballroom!


6:50pm – Doors Open
7:00pm – Lesson Begins – Teachers TBA
8:00pm – The Orlando Big Band Performs
11:00pm – Dance ends

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The Crystal Ballroom – 1271 FL-436, Casselberry, FL 32707

General Admission $12 – Students w/ID $10 – Current Swing Knights Members $8

Here are some things to enjoy for this event at the Crystal Ballroom:
– Huge comfortable space
– Brand new top-notch floor
– You may bring alcohol to enjoy responsibly
– Additional seating and tables that do not impede dance space
– More (closer) parking
– Restaurants and hospitality in the immediate vicinity

Please, be mindful of footwear and remember to bring appropriate footwear. Please no marking soles or spiked heels. If you have any questions, please let us us know.